Why Is Eternals Getting Review Bombed?

Why Is Eternals Getting Review Bombed?

The new Marvel movie, Eternals, is being review bombed on Rotten Tomatoes. Some people are giving it high scores, while others are giving it low scores. There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground. So, why is this happening?

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Blizzard’s release of the long-awaited Diablo Immortal has not been going well. The game, which was announced at a BlizzCon event that also featured the unveiling of Diablo IV, has been met with widespread disappointment and even anger from fans. Some have taken to review bombing the mobile game on Metacritic in an attempt to express their displeasure.

What is Eternals?

Eternals is a Marvel Comics series of limited comics that were published in 2008. The story focuses on the titular race of super beings who were created by the Celestials. The series was met with mixed reviews, but was generally well-received by fans and critics alike.

However, the recent release of the Eternals film has been met with much more negative reviews, with many fans and critics citing its tedious plot, flat characters, and overall lack of interest. This has resulted in the movie being “review bombed” on sites like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, where it currently holds a score of 29% and 5.8/10, respectively.

There are many theories as to why the movie is being so poorly received, but it seems clear that the majority of fans are simply not interested in the story or characters. With such negative reception, it’s doubtful that Eternals will receive any sequels or further adaptations in the future.

Why is Eternals getting review bombed?

Video game maker Blizzard is no stranger to review bombing, a practice in which gamers flood a site with negative reviews in order to lower its score. The latest target of this ire is the company’s new card game, Hearthstone: Eternals.

The review bombing appears to be in response to a recent nerf to the game’s new “Eternal” cards. These cards are intended to be a long-term investment for dedicated players, but the recent nerf has made them much less powerful. This has angered some of the game’s most dedicated players, who feel like they’ve been tricked into spending money on a card that is now less valuable.

Blizzard is not the only company to come under fire for its business practices lately. Earlier this month, CD Projekt Red, the makers of Cyberpunk 2077, were accused of using misleading marketing tactics. The company was also forced to apologize for controversial comments made by one of its employees.

With big companies like Blizzard and CD Projekt Red coming under fire for their business practices, it’s clear that gamers are becoming more and more vocal about their expectations. And if these companies don’t start listening, they may find themselves with even more angry customers on their hands.

The comics vs. the movie

The Eternals are a group of fictional superhumans appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The team first appeared in The Eternals #1 (July 1976), created by Jack Kirby.

The film adaptation of The Eternals was released on November 6, 2020, to generally positive reviews. However, the comics community has been much more critical of the film, with many feeling that it does not do justice to Kirby’s original vision. This has led to the film being “review bombed” on sites like Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic.

It is unclear why there is such a disconnect between the comics community and the general public when it comes to The Eternals. It could be that the more diehard fans of Kirby’s work are simply not willing to accept any changes to his original vision, or it could be that the average moviegoer is simply less familiar with the source material. Either way, it seems clear that the comics community will continue to be divided on this issue for some time to come.

The controversial scene

Since its release, Blizzard’s latest game Overwatch has been extremely successful. The highly anticipated sequel, Overwatch 2, is currently in development. However, Blizzard has come under fire for a recent scene in one of their new animated shorts. The scene in question features the character Tracer, who is Lesbian, kissing another woman. While many people have praised the company for including LGBTQ+ representation, others feel that the scene was unnecessary and are “review bombing” the game as a result.

This isn’t the first time that Blizzard has come under fire for their treatment of LGBTQ+ characters. In 2016, the company came under fire for not allowing players to choose a same-sex romantic partner for one of their characters. In 2018, they similarly came under fire for banning a professional Hearthstone player who expressed support for the Hong Kong protests.

Time will tell if these latest controversy will have any impact on Overwatch 2’s sales or reception when it is eventually released.

The problem with Eternals

It’s been less than a week since Eternals was released, and the game is already being review bombed on Metacritic.

The game has a Metascore of 80, based on 22 critic reviews, and a User Score of 2.6, based on over 3,000 user ratings.

On its surface, Eternals looks like a pretty solid game. It’s an online-multiplayer FPS with a campaign mode that can be played solo or co-op.

So why are people so upset?

Well, it turns out that the game is plagued by technical issues. Players are reporting crashes, connection problems, and bugs that make it impossible to progress in the campaign mode.

There are also complaints about the game’s microtransactions. While Eternals is not a pay-to-win game, there are some cosmetic items that can only be purchased with real money.

It’s possible that developer Respawn Entertainment will fix these problems in future patches, but for now, Eternals is being review bombed by unhappy players.

Eternals is a step backwards for Marvel

Some Marvel fans are disappointed with the new movie Eternals, feeling that it is a step backwards for the franchise. They argue that the film does not live up to the hype, and that it is not as action-packed or exciting as previous Marvel films. Others are simply unhappy with the changes made to the story, such as the introduction of a new character who they feel was not necessary. Still others believe that the film is simply not true to the original comics, and that it strays too far from what made them enjoyable in the first place. Whatever the reasons, many fans are voicing their displeasure by “review bombing” the film on sites like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB.

Eternals is not what we wanted

Eternals is not what we wanted. We wanted something closer to the original game, something with more variety and more interesting powers. Instead, we got a grindy, rehashed mess that feels like it was designed solely to exploit our completionist tendencies. And people are rightfully angry about it.

Eternals is a disappointment

Eternals is a disappointment because it is getting review bombed. The game was hyped up to be this great new Marvel game that would be the next big thing, but it has turned out to be a flop.


In conclusion, it’s evident that the primary reason for the review bombing of Eternals is due to the divisive nature of its story. While it’s still early days and the final judgement of Eternals may change, for now, it seems that many gamers are not happy with how the game turned out.

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