What Is A Review Article In Medicine?

Medical journal review articles educate and inform doctors and other readers by summarizing research on a specific area and laying the groundwork for future study.

Similarly, What is meant by review article?

A review article, often known as a literature review, is a compilation of previously published research on a certain subject. It should provide an overview of current thinking on the topic and will not include fresh experimental data, unlike a research paper.

Also, it is asked, What is a review article and what is its purpose?

A review article describes the current level of knowledge on a subject within a particular field. Because it analyzes and discusses the technique and findings of previously published research, a review article is often considered a secondary source.

Secondly, What is a review article in Pubmed?

Review papers are widely used to summarize the current state of knowledge on a certain subject. Narrative reviews are what these publications are called. The procedures used to pick the literature included in narrative reviews are seldom described, and the authors rarely mention the review’s goal.

Also, What is a review in healthcare?

The process of retrospectively analyzing any mistakes or gaps in medical treatment with the goal of improving future practice is known as clinical care review.

People also ask, What is the difference between research and review article?

The analysis and interpretation of this data will form the foundation of the research article. A review article, also known as a review paper, is a piece of writing that is based on previously published papers. It doesn’t include any original research.

Related Questions and Answers

What are the types of review articles?

In general, there are three sorts of review articles: literature reviews, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses. Depending on the magazine and topic area, review articles may be of various lengths.

Are review articles important?

Examine papers are crucial because they use the articles they review to propose new research avenues, enhance current ideas, and/or find trends among existing research works.

What is the difference between a review article and a systematic review?

Systematic review, to my understanding, is a kind of review with a greater degree of evidence due to its rigorous approach. A review article usually includes background information, definitions, and comments regarding a few studies, although it is not needed to provide details about how the studies were chosen.

What is the format of a review article?

It is necessary to assess the logical sequencing of background material as well as the emphasis as state-of-the-art research. Clarity, theoretical basis, current literature & critical review, and scope for additional study in the connected topic should all be examined before writing an article.

Is a review article a journal article?

Review Articles give a complete overview of research on a certain issue, as well as an assessment of the field’s current condition and future prospects. After being invited by the editors of a journal, they are often authored by leaders in a certain subject.

Is a review article a primary source?

The utilization of primary articles as source material distinguishes secondary sources. Review papers, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses are examples of secondary sources.

How do I find a review article?

So, where can I look for Review Articles? You may restrict your search to just review articles in most databases and indexes. Although other databases use the phrase “literature review,” the concept is the same. Set up your search as normal, then look for the review article limit, pick it, and execute it.

What is the purpose of medical peer review?

Medical peer review’s ultimate goal is to enhance patient safety and treatment quality. The peer review procedure, according to the American Medical Association, is designed to strike a compromise between doctors’ ability to freely exercise medical judgment and their responsibilities to do so prudently and temperately.

What is a systematic review in medicine?

A systematic review is a summary of the medical literature that use clear and repeatable processes to locate, critically assess, and synthesize information on a given topic. It uses tactics to decrease biases and random mistakes to synthesize the data of several primary research that are connected to one another.

What is systematic review article?

A systematic review is a compilation of all the literature on a certain subject that fits certain criteria.

What are the four major types of review?

Many other forms of literature reviews have developed throughout time, but the four most common are conventional or narrative, systematic, meta-analysis, and meta-synthesis. β€žThe main goal of a conventional or narrative literature review is to analyze and summarize a large body of work.

What are the three types of reviews?

Exempt, expedited, and full reviews are the three basic categories of reviews.

What is review article PDF?

A review article is designed to summarize and/or synthesize the results of chosen research contributions that have been published by other writers. The primary goal of a review article is to assess the present status of relevant publications on a certain subject and to provide recommendations.

Who can write review article?

As a result, anybody may submit a review or the editorial board can welcome them to do so.

Is a review article a meta-analysis?

Rather than being a review, a systematic review and meta-analysis is a sort of research publication (narrative review).

What is the difference between review and systematic review Pubmed?

A systematic review can be thought of as a study design that includes some or all of the following characteristics: Whereas review articles are generally an examination of the literature from the author’s perspective, a systematic review can be thought of as a study design that includes some or all of the following characteristics: At the outset of the review, one or more questions or hypotheses are presented.

What should include in review article?

Writing an Article Review: A Step-by-Step Guide Step 1: Create a title for your project. Step 2: Make a reference to the article. The next step is to identify the article. The fourth step is the introduction. Step 5: Write a summary of the article. Step 6: Evaluate it. Step 7: Write a concluding paragraph.

How long should a review article be?

The normal length of a review is one to two pages; but, I’ve written a few three- to four-page evaluations when I believed an item was already excellent but might be better.

How do you write a scientific review article?

Writing a Scientific Review Article: Some Pointers Allow plenty of time to do a scientific review. Make an outline and decide on the review’s key theme. Keep in mind the needs of the journal. Make sure you’re up to date on the literature. While reading the literature, take notes. Examine the scientific material that has already been published.

Are review articles peer-reviewed?

Yes, review papers are subjected to peer review. Because an editor has previously given an article (or at least its theme and outline) the green light to submit, it’s a prevalent misperception that reviews don’t need to be evaluated and are simply accepted as is.

Why is peer-reviewed articles important?

Because it successfully exposes an author’s work to the examination of other experts in the area, peer review has become the core of the academic publishing system. As a result, it motivates writers to generate high-quality research that advances the discipline.

Is a systematic review a research article?

Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses aren’t the same as research papers. They’re REVIEW articles, after all.

How many articles are in a systematic review?

In general, there is no limit to the number of papers that may be included in a systematic review. You can practically perform a meta-analysis with two or more people. A MA of fewer than 4 or 5 studies of questionable benefit, on the other hand, is often considered insufficient.

Is a systematic review a clinical study?

A systematic review is a thorough study and assessment of all research papers that target a specific clinical condition. The researchers use a systematic approach to collecting, compiling, and analyzing a body of literature on a certain subject based on a set of predetermined criteria.

How do you write a systematic review article in medicine?

Writing a systematic review: a step-by-step guide Write down a research question. Before you begin your project, consider if a systematic review is required. Create a research plan. Perform a literature search. Select studies in accordance with the procedure. Examine studies in accordance with the procedure. Data should be extracted. Analyze the outcomes. Interpret the outcomes.


A review article is a form of scientific literature that summarizes the findings of original research. It provides an overview of the topic and can be used to assess current progress in the field.

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A review article is a type of scientific article that summarizes the current state of research in a specific topic. Review articles are written to inform readers about new research findings, summarize the state of knowledge on a particular subject, or critically evaluate previous work and conclusions drawn from it. Reference: what is a review article in research.

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