How To Write An Article Review?

Writing an Article Review: A Step-by-Step Guide Step 1: Create a title for your project. First and foremost, you must choose a title that accurately expresses the major theme of your work. Step 2: Make a reference to the article. The next step is to identify the article. The fourth step is the introduction. Step 5: Write a summary of the article. Step 6: Evaluate it. Step 7: Write a concluding paragraph.

Similarly, What is the format of a review?

An abstract, an introduction, a literature review part, possibly a methodology section if there are details to provide, and a discussion and conclusion section are typical components of a review.

Also, it is asked, What should be included in review article?

A review article, often known as a literature review, is a compilation of previously published research on a certain subject. It should provide an overview of current thinking on the topic and will not include fresh experimental data, unlike a research paper.

Secondly, How do you start a review?

What is the best way to write a book review? Begin with a few phrases that explain what the book is about. Discuss what aspects of the book you enjoyed the most. Mention anything about the book that you didn’t enjoy. Finish up your analysis. If you choose, you can give the book a rating, such as a five- or ten-star rating!

Also, How do you write a simple review?

Some pointers on how to write a review 1 Re-read, re-watch, or re-listen to the work. 2 Give important information. 3 Recognize your target audience. 4 Take a position. 5 Describe how you’re evaluating the job. 6 Present evidence to back up your criteria. 7 Understand the genre’s norms. 8 Contrast and compare.

People also ask, How long should a review article be?

The normal length of a review is one to two pages; but, I’ve written a few three- to four-page evaluations when I believed an item was already excellent but might be better.

Related Questions and Answers

What is the most important part in writing a review?

A review’s most significant feature is that it is a commentary rather than a summary. It enables you to converse and debate with the work’s author as well as other viewers.

How do you write a review paper example?

Format of a Review Article Example The title and abstract of your paper should be clear, succinct, relevant, and instructive. Create a thorough introduction to your study that is written in your own words and published in chronological sequence. Don’t rehash what’s already been said.

What is journal article review?

The analysis of the potencies and limits of an article’s perspective and subject matter is referred to as journal article reviews. The article evaluations provide readers with an explanation, research, and clarification in order to assess the article’s significance.

How do you write an effective review?

What is the Best Way to Write a Review? 1 It’s a thesis. Make sure you understand the overall message you want to convey before you start writing. 2 Favorite and Disliked Items You may not mention any dislikes in the most flattering review. 3 Your advice is valuable.

How do you write an online review?

Before you start writing, consider the following: Some pointers to keep in mind Include just the most important facts and leave out the rest. Remove all proper names. “Good” isn’t necessarily a good thing. Allow yourself to be validated. Remember that your evaluation is based only on your own experience. Take a look at the other side of the tale.

Can anyone write a review article?

These may be written by anybody, although they are often authored by younger employees who are ready to take a risk. There are also systematic reviews, in which the literature is systematically searched and the quality of each piece of material is evaluated according to a set of criteria.

What should not be included in an article?

When writing an article, there are 12 things to avoid. 1 – The difference between writing an article and writing an essay. Plagiarism is number two. 3 – Waffling and repeating yourself. 4 – Errors and omissions. 5 – Inability to concentrate. 6 – Issuing orders. 7 – Being contradictory with oneself. 8 – Forgetting about the photographs.

What makes a bad literature review?

There are various issues that may occur while writing an effective literature review, including the absence of necessary lines such as a disagreement statement, the lack of sufficient research, inaccurately designating sources, bad paper construction, and plagiarism checks.

How many pages should a review article be?

In the absence of particular directions, a common rule of thumb is that the length of your literature review should be commensurate to the length of your overall report. If your article is 15 pages lengthy, a literature review of 2-3 pages may be sufficient.

What are the things to remember and things to avoid in writing your literature review?

Overview: The 7 Deadly Sins of Literature Reviews Having an excessive dependence on low-quality sources. There is a scarcity of seminal or landmark literature. There is a scarcity of contemporary literature. Instead of integrating and synthesizing, describe it. Content that is irrelevant or unfocused. The chapter organization and layout are both poor. Plagiarism and insufficient referencing

What things should you bear in mind when writing something?

Here are a few things to bear in mind while writing a post on the web: Get right to the point. Consider who will be reading your blog entries. Assist readers with their navigation. Maintain a conversational tone. First, come up with a headline. There is a link to further information. Consider the format. Have a blast!

How do you review a research article?

Giving favorable comments comes first. Explain what the article is about and what the results are in a few sentences. Attempt to place the paper’s results in the perspective of existing literature and current understanding. Indicate the work’s importance and whether it is innovative or mostly confirming.

What is article example?

A term used to convey that a noun is a noun without explaining it is called an article. The article a, for example, specifies that the word dog is a noun in the line Nick purchased a dog. Anything that behaves as a noun, such as a pronoun or a noun phrase, may be modified by articles.

What is the format of article?

Heading, Byline, and Body are the three parts of the format. The article’s headline comprises the article’s concise subject, as the name implies. It should be no more than 5-6 words long. Make sure your article has an appealing title from the standpoint of the test.

How do you conclude an article review?

How to Write an Article Conclusion in 17 Different Ways Emphasize the main point once again. Getty Images/Getty Images/Tetra Images Succinctly summarize. Reiterating is not the same as summarizing. Respond to any questions that may arise. Send Your Readers Somewhere Else. Make a challenge for yourself. Take a look forward. Make a new acquaintance. Finish a scenario.

What are the types of review articles?

In general, there are three sorts of review articles: literature reviews, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses. Depending on the magazine and topic area, review articles may be of various lengths.

How do you end a review example?

a. “Your ability to develop solid connections has earned you praise from your peers.” b. “Your communication abilities are excellent, and you can effectively communicate your position to others.”

What are the 3 parts of literature review?

Literature reviews, like other academic papers, must have at least three fundamental elements: an introduction or background information part; the review’s body, which contains the examination of sources; and, lastly, the paper’s conclusion and/or recommendations section.

How do you write a small literature review?

An introduction, body paragraph(s), and conclusion should all be included. Include an overview, an analysis, a synthesis, and an assessment (if appropriate). A literature review might be as little as a few lines or as lengthy as a chapter. The strategies listed below are basic summaries of what you may use in your literature review.

How many words should a literature review be?

The literature review normally takes up one chapter (8-10,000 words) in a PhD thesis, roughly 2-3,000 words in a Masters dissertation, and no more than 2,000 words in an undergraduate dissertation.

How long does it take to write a review paper?

A peer review usually takes me one or two days, including reviewing the supporting materials. Depending on the length of the paper, I nearly always complete it in one sitting, which may take anywhere from 1 to 5 hours. In my experience, review submission deadlines often vary from three working days to three weeks.

What makes an article bad?

Don’t exaggerate your involvement. Dismissive words regarding earlier effort done by others, wrong and unwarranted self-congratulations, a lack of critical self-reflection — in sum, a lack of humility – are all good ingredients for a genuinely poor paper.

How do I begin writing an article?

What Makes a Good Introduction? Make your initial sentence as brief as possible. Don’t use the same title again. Keep the introduction to a minimum. At least once, use the term “you.” Devote 1-2 sentences to explaining the scope of the piece. Explain why the article is significant in a couple of phrases.


When writing an article review, it is important to have a good introduction. The introduction should include the topic of the article and what the reviewer thought about it. The body of the review should have both positive and negative aspects of the article.

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