How To Comment On Your Performance Review Examples?

Job Execution I take my work seriously and appreciate the duties I have. I’m not afraid to take on difficult projects and go above and beyond. I believe in working in a collaborative atmosphere and take my duties at work seriously.

Similarly, What should I write in a performance review comment?

How to write a strong performance review remark Review your performance in the past and current. If you only do formal evaluations once a year, it’s simple to provide advice based only on what is currently on your mind. Be truthful and concise. Give specific instances. Pick your words wisely. Finish on a high note.

Also, it is asked, How do you respond to a performance review example?

Example: I appreciate your praise and nice remarks on my performance assessment. The fact that I have gained your faith and trust means a lot to me. I can promise you that I am prepared to take on new challenges and will keep doing all in my power to contribute and be a valuable part of your team.

Secondly, How do you make a positive comment?

Tips for providing constructive criticism Make it particular. They won’t know which of their talents are strong and which ones they need to develop if your praise is ambiguous. Give it as soon as possible. Allow others to view it. Eventually, give everyone praise. Describe the effects. the appropriate amount of praise

Also, How do you write overall comment on goal achievement?

How do you compose comments for a performance review? Give them a SWOT evaluation of their work: Examine prior performance: Describe the areas that need improvement: Make careful to provide helpful criticism: Be open and honest Pick the appropriate words: Make SMART objectives for them: Give a few examples:

People also ask, How do you respond to annual performance review?

Advice on how to respond to inquiries during a performance evaluation Use organic reactions. First, evaluate yourself. Recognize your successes. Take some time. Have answers prepared. Pose your own inquiries. Ask for the review summary. Which of your recent accomplishments are you most proud of?

Related Questions and Answers

What should I say on my self-evaluation?

Prior to starting to write your self-evaluation 1 Understand how the self-evaluation will be put to use. 2 Compile a list of your achievements. 3 If you can, gather analytics. 4 Compile a list of your difficulties. 5 Trim down your list of successes. 6 Don’t forget to coordinate your evaluation with the objectives of your team or management.

How do you describe your work performance?

accurate, tidy, detail-oriented, thorough, upholding high standards, and adhering to processes. Increase in mistakes, poor attention to detail, inconsistent quality, lack of thoroughness, often unfinished work, declining standards of output, and disregard for processes.

How do you brag yourself in a performance review?

Balance being overconfident and being too critical. When bragging about your accomplishments, avoid using absolutes like “always,” “never,” and “perfect,” advised Mistal, and describe flaws as “areas for progress” or “what I’m striving to do better” rather than “weaknesses” or “problem areas.”

What is an example of formal feedback?

Annual performance evaluations are an example of formal feedback. scores on assessments. reporting on human resources.

How do you write feedback?

What to Write in Employee Feedback When Giving Great Feedback When summarizing the circumstance, be thorough. It’s crucial to describe the issue you’re addressing when providing feedback to employees. Clearly state the conduct. Think about your “I” and “you” sentences. Provide recommendations for improvement.

How do you thank a boss for a positive performance evaluation?

Here are some examples of how to express gratitude: I truly appreciate you noticing; it makes me so glad to hear! I appreciate you noting how much work and effort I put into that project. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know how you feel. Thank you for the compliments! The fact that you are aware of me means a lot.

How do you give meaningful feedback?

Providing constructive criticism Create trust. Keeping the Positive and the Negative in balance Observe, but don’t extrapolate. Be precise. converse face-to-face. Don’t personalize it. Give feedback on a regular basis. Be prompt.

How do you evaluate yourself example?

Positive response: “I’m aware of my strengths and shortcomings, which makes it easier for me to manage my emotions. I make an effort to comprehend everyone’s viewpoints. Negative response: “When confronted with certain teammate behaviors, I often get upset and find it difficult to express.”

How do you write appreciation comments?

Use these expressions to express your gratitude when you are filled with a great sense of admiration for someone who has touched your life:I appreciate you! You are top-notch. I really appreciate your assistance. I’m appreciative of you. I wanted to say thanks for your assistance. I appreciate all of your assistance.

How do you say I really appreciate it?

Twenty-five Additional Ways to Say “Thank You” to Show Your Appreciation I’m really appreciative. I’m grateful. I appreciate all of your effort on this. Without you, I would not have been able to. You owe me one. Many thanks. I appreciate you having my back. Please appreciate my sincere appreciation.

What’s another way to say I appreciate you?

I’m grateful. “I appreciate you,” “You’re fantastic,” “You’ve really come through for me.”

How do you appreciate hard work?

Gratitude Expression I value your efforts. Thank you for your time. I value the effort you put into this. I value the effort you put forward. I appreciate you giving this some thought. Thank you for giving this top priority. I value the time you invested on this. Thank you for taking the initiative on this.

How do you say thank you for your hard work?

#1 Frequently say “thank you” “I appreciate all the effort you put out each day. Please know that it is acknowledged and immensely appreciated. “We appreciate your helping out and saving the day on this challenging job! I’m very happy to have you on board. Thank you for working so hard and being so devoted.

How do you thank someone for recognizing your work?

“Thank you; hearing that brightens my day.” Thank you for noticing, I put a lot of attention into this. Thank you so much for taking the time to say that; I truly appreciate it. I appreciate you saying that, and I’m glad you feel that way.

How do you use i appreciate it in a sentence?

Thanks for the sentence example Thank you for all you do. You are a great assistance. I’m really grateful for this. You’ve lifted a heavy burden off my back, and I appreciate it. Daddy, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. If anybody is willing to attempt to respond to a few questions, that would be much appreciated.

What are the appreciation words?

Words of thanks are always appreciated, whether you’re thanking someone for a present, a favor, or simply for being a wonderful friend! . Basic Expressions of Appreciation Thanks. I’m grateful. You have my gratitude. Dinner was excellent. I’m grateful to you. You are an example. I am appreciative of you. You are an asset.

How do you say job well done?

Ways to commend someone on a job well done Fantastic job. “This is fantastic!” “This work doesn’t seem to need any adjustments, so fantastic job,” “Good work!” I got precisely what I wanted with this. “I respect your viewpoint,” “I’m very happy to have you on my team for this project,” said the leader.

How do you say thank you for achievements?

30 messages to celebrate accomplishments I’m delighted to learn that you accomplished your objective. Congratulations on your outstanding achievement! I can’t think of anybody who is more deserving of this success than you since I watched how hard you worked every day to get it. Congratulations on a job well done!

What is another word for greatly appreciated?

Cherish, prize, treasure, and value are a few words that are often used as synonyms for appreciate. All of these phrases indicate “to hold in high respect,” although the word “appreciate” frequently implies having the knowledge necessary to recognize something’s quality.

What is a word for deep appreciation?

tremendous thanks, profound admiration, and profound appreciation. I’d like to convey on behalf of my family our sincere gratitude for the outpouring of support and sorrow we have received. A word or two more!

How do you congratulate a good performance?

More official Thank you for your well-deserved achievement. Sincere congratulations go out to you. Sincere congrats for your success. Salutations and best wishes for your next journey! I’m really happy to see all that you have accomplished.

What are other ways to say great?


The “self-appraisal comments by employee example” is a form of feedback that is given to employees. It allows them to give their opinion on their performance review.

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