How Do I See My Tumblr Year In Review?

Similarly, How long does Tumblr year in review take?

Tumblr’s Year in Review covers a complete 365 days, but it only goes from October to October. Fans of Supernatural, we know you were frustrated that Destiel’s canonization was not included in last year’s Year in Review. So, at long last, Novem will be represented.

Also, it is asked, How is Tumblr doing now 2021?

Tumblr’s overall web traffic is on the decrease, with 20.5 million less visits in January 2021 than in January 2020, and not even the COVID-19 blockade will be enough to entice users back to the once-popular blogging network (SimilarWeb, 2021).

Secondly, How can I see my Tumblr stats?

Use a website like to generate statistics. In the area at the top of the page, type your Tumblr username and hit “Enter.” The resultant page shows information like how often you publish and which post kinds you utilize the most.

Also, Is Tumblr shutting down 2020?

The app will be removed from the app store. Existing users and subscribers will continue to get service until J, when the app will be turned off. Subscribers who are still active at the time of the cancellation will be refunded. Forecasts, maps, and embeds will be available till J.

People also ask, How long does Tumblr keep data?

Upon receipt of a valid preservation request submitted in accordance with relevant law, Tumblr will save account data for 90 days, to the extent they are accessible.

Related Questions and Answers

Can I call Tumblr?

Users may now go into their Tumblr Settings to connect their phone number with their Tumblr account, then ring 1-866-584-6757 to record the voice, according to the video.

Is reporting on Tumblr anonymous?

Will they know I reported them if I report them on Tumblr? Is the content of reports kept private? Tumblr does not inform the person who has been reported about the particular complaints leveled against them.

How many posts have I made on Tumblr?

Obtaining Information Click the “Archive” link on your blog’s main page, or put “” into your browser’s address bar. The archive page will show the overall post count for that month by each monthly header if you’re signed in to your Tumblr account.

How do you track traffic on Tumblr?

Log in to your Google Analytics account and choose your Tumblr site from the drop-down arrow to see your traffic statistics.

Is Tumblr Still Alive 2021?

Tumblr, on the other hand, is nearly gone, and TikTok is very much active. While a Tumblr spokeswoman claims that Gen Z accounts for 48% of the site’s current user base, it’s apparent that the site’s overall user numbers have declined in recent years.

How many followers is considered famous on Tumblr?

I came across a Tumblr post a few months ago that stated anybody who had 1,000+ followers without following back was “Tumblr famous.”

How much money did Tumblr lose?

Tumblr is being sold by Verizon to a WordPress owner for a pittance of $3 millionExtremeTech.

Who has the most followers on Tumblr?

According to Quantcast, these are the most popular Tumblr blogs throughout the world: (490.7k unique monthly visitors):, the official blog of Comedy Central (449.7 thousand unique monthly visitors): A site dedicated to all of the reasons why kids cry.

What percent of Tumblr users are female?

The blogging platform was also used by 7% of female internet users in the United States. In all, 68 percent of Tumblr users in the United States used the site on a weekly basis. . As of the third quarter of 2020, the percentage of US internet users that use Tumblr is broken down by gender. Females account for 7 percent of the total reach. One more row to go.

Why did Tumblr fail?

Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website that allows users to create and share text-based and graphic material, as well as interact with other users. Tumblr failed owing to its failure to sell advertisements, lack of product stickiness, and cultural differences between the site and Yahoo, as well as its prohibition on NSFW material.

Does Tumblr delete inactive blogs?

Tumblr has been reaching out to dormant users for the last month, telling them that if they don’t reactivate their accounts within two weeks, Tumblr would “allow their URL(s) to expire.”

Does deleting Tumblr delete posts?

Your primary blog and your main Tumblr account will not be deleted if you deactivate any of your other blogs separately. If your Tumblr account just has a main blog, however, removing it will also remove your whole Tumblr account. Your main blog and any subsidiary blogs are deleted when you delete your Tumblr account.

Does deleting Tumblr account delete messages?

Your blogs, messages, and other actions are permanently deleted when you deactivate your Tumblr account. You won’t be able to access your account, discover your blog using its URL, or read your messages.

How do I flag my Tumblr blog?

Hovering over a blog’s avatar, clicking the small human silhouette, and (you guessed it) hitting “Report” will flag the whole blog. On fan letters and requests (this is a new one!): Click the three dots at the bottom of a spam message in your inbox and choose “Flag.”

How can I delete Tumblr account?

Go to your Tumblr account and sign in. Go to your Tumblr account and sign in. Select ‘Settings’ under the ‘Account’ icon. Select ‘Delete Account’ from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page. You’ll be sent to a screen that asks whether you’re sure.

How do I find out my email for Tumblr?

Check your inbox, including any junk or spam filters, for the email address linked with your Tumblr account. Look for an email from Tumblr with the subject “Verify your email address” in the subject line. To verify your email address, open the email and click or tap on the “This is me!” link.

How do you report Nsfw on Tumblr?

To report a post, choose a reporting option from the meatballs symbol (the three dots) by clicking or tapping it. To report a full blog, go to the dashboard and click or touch the blog’s username to browse their blog. Then choose “Report” by tapping the small person symbol (or clicking the meatballs if you’re on the desktop site).

Are minors allowed on Tumblr?

Tumblr’s terms of service state that it should not be used by minors under the age of 13, although the app stores classify it as adult and suitable for those aged 17 and above.

How do I know if I was blocked on Tumblr?

Notifications provide additional information on your Dashboard, such as reblogs and new followers. Additionally, you will no longer be able to view a person in your notes if you ignore them on Tumblr. You won’t see a message left on one of your posts by an unnoticed person.

Who unfollowed on Tumblr?

On Tumblr, who unfollowed me? Tumblr Stalkr is a follower tracker that allows you to see who has unfollowed you, who hasn’t followed you back, and who you haven’t followed back. From inside Stalkr, you may unfollow people who have unfollowed you or do not return your follow.

What app is better than Tumblr?

Google Blogger, a free alternative to Tumblr owned by Google, is a free alternative to Tumblr. This platform features a web-based post editor and a limit of 100 blogs per account. They provide a large number of simple templates, configurable layouts, and hundreds of background photos to choose from.

What is the next Tumblr?

Reddit. Tumblr’s alternative, Reddit, is another option. Although it is not a blogging website, it performs the similar functions. Users may share their contributions in the form of links, photographs, words, and so on.

What is Tumblr known for?

Tumblr is a blogging and social networking platform that lets users create “tumblelogs,” or short blog postings. Tumblr’s main distinguishing feature is its free-form nature and users’ ability to fully modify their own sites.


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