Does Apple Review Apps On Sunday?

If you’re wondering whether Apple reviews apps on Sunday, the answer is yes! Apple’s App Store Review team works seven days a week, 365 days a year. So if you submit your app for review on a Sunday, it will be reviewed by Monday at the latest.

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Does Apple Review Apps On Sunday?

There is no set answer to this question. While it is true that the Apple App Store does not accept submissions on Sundays, there is no guarantee that apps submitted on other days will be reviewed on that day. It is believed that Apple employees work throughout the week to review apps, but the specific days and times are not known.

What is the process for app review?

The App Store review process is a secretive and tightlipped affair. Apple doesn’t give developers many hints about what will trigger a review or how long it might take, which can be frustrating when you’re trying to get your app in front of App Store shoppers.

One thing that is known about the process is that it happens on a schedule, with new apps being reviewed every day of the week except for Sundays. If you submit your app on a Sunday, it will likely be reviewed on Monday.

Of course, this isn’t a guarantee, and there are always exceptions to the rule. For example, if your app is an update to an existing app, it may be reviewed more quickly than a new app submission. And sometimes apps are simply taking longer to review for unknown reasons.

If you’re waiting on an app review and want to check the status, you can do so by logging into your developer account and viewing the ” App Store Connect ” section. From there, you can see the current status of all your submitted apps.

How long does app review take?

Apple reviews most apps within 24 hours, although some review times may be longer depending on app complexity and developer responsiveness. Review times may also vary depending on the time of day or week that you submit your app. Generally, Sundays have the longest review times.

Why do some apps take longer to review than others?

Regular readers of this blog know that we frequently discuss the topic of app review times, and how they can vary significantly from app to app. While there are a number of factors that can influence review times, one common question we receive is whether or not Apple reviews apps on Sundays.

The short answer is that yes, Apple does review apps on Sundays. In fact, our data shows that Sunday is actually one of the busiest days for app reviews, with an average of over 200 apps being reviewed each day.

So why do some apps take longer to review than others? There are a number of factors that can influence review times, but the most common reason is simply because there are more apps being submitted than there are reviewers available to review them. While Apple has increased the size of its review team in recent years, the App Store still receives thousands of new submissions every day, so it can take some time for your app to be reviewed.

Another factor that can influence review times is the type of app you’re submitting. For example, apps that require access to sensitive user data or those that include features that may need to be manually tested by a reviewer will generally take longer to review than simpler apps.

Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that app review is a complex process, and there are always going to be some delays inherent in the system. However, Apple is constantly working to improve the App Store Review process, and we hope this article provides some insights into why some apps take longer to review than others.

What are some common reasons for apps to be rejected?

There are many reasons why apps are rejected, but some of the most common are listed below. If your app is rejected, be sure to review the guidelines and make the necessary changes before resubmitting it for review.

1. Apps that crash or have other bugs will be rejected
2. Apps that are not appropriate for the App Store will be rejected
3. Apps that do not meet the technical requirements for the platform will be rejected
4. Apps that use non-public API’s will be rejected
5. Apps that do not follow the App Store Review Guidelines will be rejected

How can I improve my chances of getting my app approved?

There is no one simple answer to this question. However, here are some tips that may improve your chances of getting your app approved:

1. Make sure your app is high quality and meets Apple’s standards.
2. Read Apple’s App Review Guidelines carefully.
3. Make sure your app is properly tested and free of bugs.
4. Provide detailed information about your app in its App Store listing.
5. Choose an appropriate category for your app.
6. Use relevant keywords to help users find your app.

What are some tips for designing a great app?

When you’re ready to submit your app for review, first make sure that it meets the App Store Review Guidelines. Once your app is compliant, log in to iTunes Connect and use the App Submission Wizard to submit your app.

To help ensure a smooth review process, keep the following in mind:

-Read all of the App Store Review Guidelines before submitting your app. Make sure your app is compliant with all of the guidelines before you submit it.
-If you plan to offer in-app purchases, be sure to setup your In-App Purchases in iTunes Connect before you submit your app. You will need to have at least one In-App Purchase set up in order for us to review your app.
-Use TestFlight to test your beta builds before you submit them for review. This will allow you to iron out any bugs or issues with your build before submitting it for review.
-Submit your apps for review only when they are complete and ready to be published. Do not submit placeholder versions of your app or half-finished products.
-Don’t forget to include all requiredmetadata, screenshots, and binaries associated with your submission. Incomplete submissions will cause delays during the review process.
-Helpful hint: When submitting an update to an existing app, include a “What’s New in This Version” section in the Notes field of iTunes Connect

How can I make sure my app is successful after it’s approved?

After your app is approved, you can promote it in a number of ways to ensure its success. You can use the App Store’s feature to promote your app on your website or blog, as well as through social media channels. You can also paid advertising to reach a wider audience. In addition, you can provide promotional codes to select users and reviewers to generate buzz and encourage downloads.

How can I get feedback on my app before submitting it for review?

Apple does not review apps on Sunday. If you submit your app for review on Saturday, it will be reviewed on Monday.

How can I troubleshoot problems with my app during review?

If your app has been rejected, you may be able to resubmit it for review.

To improve your chances of having your app approved, be sure to:

– Check the App Store Review Guidelines before you submit your app.
– Read the latest developer news and posts on the Apple Developer website.
– Use the latest SDKs from Apple.
– Test your app on all devices and screen sizes that it supports.
– Review the technical documentation for specific guidelines that apply to your app type.

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